1. Focus on Dreams, all else will follow                                               2. Embrace and Drive Change

3. Attract Success by Studying Success                                                  4. I am always Grateful

5. Going Beyond EXCELLENCE by delivering the better best                 6. Be Fast

7. Build Lasting Relationships with Communication


“Dreams.” From this simple word, a company committed to putting a glow in the universe was born. Since its inception, Advo has moved from building its own dreams to building the dreams of others. Each dream put back into an individual produces a glow in the universe.

As a dream-building company, we expect our staff to have dreams and to live the lives that they have imagined. We are perhaps the only company in the world that uses the Dream Interview to select the people whom we want to work with. We only want to work with people who are committed to their dreams, because individuals committed to their dreams would most likely encompass qualities of success such as a strong desire, great attitude, excellence and motivation.

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